The Raven’s Nest

Strange address for my blog…I know. It was created at the very beginning of my artist career and it is still being nourished by my thoughts, images and inspirations.

I lived in Quebec most of my adult life and Once upon a time I was told I was a raven by a wise woman. At first I thought it was an insult. My European background made it difficult to visualised a positively the black bird. She explained to me I was “change”, the crossroad, living between worlds. The raven for the Canadian first nation is the symbol of metamorphosis, transformation…

Vision Me” came upon after my original blog

I invite you to visit me there.

By onceuponanape

"Once upon an Ape" and "Ape's Art Cave" is a collaborating effort from Ape & I. Photographs, poems and random thoughts will I hope inspire you to escape in a parallel world.

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